Farmers are the backbone of regional and rural communities, and our country. For hundreds of years they’ve helped feed us, through both droughts and floods. Yet country people have increasingly been taken for granted by major political parties.

Australia should better support farmers and regional and rural Australia.

Policy Methods (Federal & State)
To help achieve this Australia should:

  • Increase its commitment to agricultural research and development, including through greater support for regional universities.
  • Achieve greater agricultural product commercialisation, regional processing and value adding opportunities.
  • Better promote the financial, health and environmental benefits of local primary products.
  • Encourage the re-allocation of Australian investment capital, including superannuation funds, into agriculture and regional development (see ECONOMY & JOBS policy).
  • Implement fair trade policies that address unsustainable cheap imports that unfairly compete with local produce (see TRADE policy).
  • Encourage population decentralisation and regional revitalisation (see SUSTAINABLE POPULATION & IMMIGRATION policy).
  • Recognise the adverse effects of fracking and mining on agricultural land and communities, by imposing a moratorium (see ENERGY policy).
  • Subsidise the reintroduction of larger abattoirs in Australia in order to offer viable alternatives to live animal exporting, minimise animal cruelty, value-add to commodity exports and help secure the livelihood of people in regional and rural Australia (see ANIMALS & BIODIVERSITY policy).
  • Also see FOREIGN INVESTMENT policy.

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