Sustainable Australia (ACT)

2017 Committee

Our ACT committee consists of John Haydon (President and Treasurer), Geoff Buckmaster (Vice President and Secretary), Martin Tye (Ordinary Committee Member) and Brett Goyne (Ordinary Committee Member).

2016 ACT election


On 28 June 2016 Sustainable Australia successfully registered for the ACT election on 15 October 2016. This is our first state/territory party and election.

We are a party from the political centre, and aim to secure an economically, environmentally and socially sustainable Australia and ACT.



Sustainable Australia is contesting all five ACT electorates: CLICK HERE 

We have endorsed candidates as follows:

  • John Haydon and Oliver Tye, Kurrajong
  • Martin Tye and Geoff Buckmaster, Ginninderra
  • Violet Sheridan and Paul Gabriel, Yerrabi
  • Mark O'Connor and Jill Mail, Murrumbidgee
  • Claude Hastir and Melissa Kemp, Brindabella



To view and contact all candidates: CLICK HERE


Our 2016 ACT election campaign policy priorities are as follows:

Save Canberra from overdevelopment - We will provide for proper community consultation in all development applications across the ACT.

Lower rates - By slowing population growth*, we relieve the ACT of the need to build and/or retro-fit so much budget-breaking complex infrastructure - like ever more trams, hospitals and schools. This budget relief will achieve lower rates than would otherwise be the case.

Protect our trees - By saving Canberra from ever more sprawl and infill overdevelopment we are the only party with a sustainable plan to protect our trees and green space.

(*By withdrawing the ACT and its government agencies from proactive rapid population growth policies, and taking a more neutral position. See Policies below).

But we don't just focus on overdevelopment, rates and trees...

We have released a range of ACT-specific policies including Economy & Jobs (a more diverse economy underpinned by small business), Energy (renewable), Environment (protect our trees and biodiversity), Gambling (reduce losses), Housing (more affordable for first home buyers and renters), Planning (more transparency and community consultation), Public Service (strong and independent), Rates (lower rates than would be the case with the tram and its related overdevelopment), Transport (we strongly support public transport, and prefer a rapid bus transit system over Canberra’s proposed tram / light rail system), Community Councils (more funding to help with community consultations)...


Download ACT Policies: CLICK HERE

Election campaign policy announcements: Coming soon...

You will also find our federal party policies on our website: CLICK HERE

How To Vote

Number at least 5 boxes, starting with 1 and 2 in the Sustainable Australia boxes, then numbering the rest in order of your preference.

How-to-vote card: CLICK HERE

Why you won't waste your vote

Remember, voting 1 (and 2) for a minor party like Sustainable Australia is never a wasted vote. Why?

You get to send a clear message to all other parties and government... and if we get knocked out, your vote flows on at full value to your next chosen minor/major party that remains in the race.

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Authorised by John Haydon for Sustainable Australia (ACT).

Our ACT committee consists of John Haydon (President and Treasurer), Geoff Buckmaster (Vice President and Secretary), Martin Tye (Ordinary Committee Member) and Brett Goyne (Ordinary Committee Member).